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A Heart Led Approach to Overcoming Emotional Eating and Releasing the Weight
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My Proven 6 Step Method for overcoming emotional eating and releasing weight without dieting.

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Success Stories


I was caught in a cycle of self-loathing, and all my other weight loss efforts came from a place of hating my body rather than nurturing and loving myself. I’ve been really surprised at how much less challenging it is when you approach weight loss from a place of love rather than inadequacy. So far, I’ve lost 18lbs! I’m going for 60, but it doesn’t sound intimidating now!

Haley P.


I cannot recommend Catherine’s work too highly. Catherine’s gentle, positive, holistic, and action-oriented coaching has helped me far more than any psychological counseling or weight loss program has ever helped me before. She brings deep intuition, knowledge, and intelligence to her work. Catherine gets at the root of problems, clearing up space and energy for permanent change. Fear and stress yield to joy and pleasure. She is also deeply empowering (as so much “help” is not).

Kate Ward-Lehre, RN


I just really want to thank Catherine for saving my life. I was literally at the end of my binge eating existence. I had nowhere to go – no one to turn to. I was frantic, scared and panicky. I had been to counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists my whole life for my eating issue. No one has ever helped me. I was not living a life. It all revolved around candy. She knew just what I needed. From the very first session with her, I never binged on candy again. She taught me how to fully enjoy life. She truly saved my life and helped me to get on with living again. I only wished I had found her and her work sooner.

60 year old, Shirley from Fontana, CA

client 01

While working with Catherine, I enjoyed the fact that the person I met with on Zoom was exactly who she claims to be on her website. No false pretenses here, she has a very deep and intense presence. Catherine is open minded, creative, and a great listener.
In working with her, I’ve learned to love and respect myself, my needs, my timing. By stopping a well-trained self-hatred practiced for over 50 years, not only have I lost weight, but I have lost a huge spiritual weight that was asphyxiating my whole being. I’ve learned that unconditional love does not expect me to lose kilos or centimeters or dress sizes. Unconditional love makes me happy, caring and grateful with what is present.

alice, paris

emotional eating expert Catherine L. Taylor

About Catherine L. Taylor

Catherine L. Taylor is a weight loss and emotional eating expert. She has been a wellness coach for the past 20 years. She is the creator of How You do Food is How You do Life ®, an online weight loss program for women who suffer with emotional eating, low self-esteem, perfectionism, body image issues, and binge eating.

She’s the author of the audio programs Affirmations for Weight Loss and Wellness, Mastering the Mindset for Weight Loss, and The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss.

Why I created the How You do Food is
How You do Life Program

I personally suffered from binge and emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, and exercise bulimia for 13 years. That was over 30 years ago. At my lowest point, I became seriously ill. I ditched the dieting and began to search for answers. I found them in the form of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, intuitive eating, and spiritual work. I learned to forgive, accept, and love myself, and I developed compassion for my suffering and struggles.

As my relationship with myself changed, so did my relationship with food and my body. My body began to heal, my bingeing disappeared, and my weight stabilized. I realized my eating was never really the problem, it was only a symptom of the relationship I had with myself and my life.

Today, my How You do Food is how You do Life Emotional Eating Program® contains all the core teachings that helped transform my life and over the past 20 years, they’ve also transformed the lives of thousands of women just like you. I’d be honored to be your guide to peace and freedom around food and weight.

Free Masterclass

A Heart Led Approach to Overcoming Emotional Eating and Releasing the Weight Without Dieting 

free masterclass

Overcoming Overeating and Releasing the Weight Without Dieting

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