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Catherine L. Taylor is a weight loss and emotional eating expert. She has been a wellness coach for the past 20 years. She is the creator of How You do Food is How You do Life ®, an online emotional eating program for women who suffer with emotional eating, low self-esteem, perfectionism, body image issues, and binge eating.

She’s the author of the audio programs Affirmations for Weight Loss and Wellness, Mastering the Mindset for Weight Loss, and The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss.

You can find her massive article archive and other programs at her older site:

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What I Love About Being a Coach 

Coaching is such a rewarding profession. Being able to improve the quality of a person’s life is no small thing. I have been able to synthesize all my knowledge, personal recovery, and life experience into the work I do. 

I’ve had a love of fitness, health, healing, spirituality, and psychology since my early 20’s and I’ve spent the past 40 years immersed in these subjects. I have over 30 years of recovery from binge eating and exercise bulimia and I’ve been a certified health coach since 1998. 

Coaching not only helps others but I’ve found it to be very healing for myself as well. There is something very sacred to be able to help facilitate and witness another person’s transformation. It’s given my life a lot of joy and meaning. I’d be honored to partner with you on your journey to food and weight freedom. 


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