7 Day Body Love Challenge

Body Love Challenge

Free 7 Day Body Love Challenge!

Welcome to the Free 7 Day Body Love Challenge! I created this Free Body Love Challenge to jump start a shift in the way you think, feel, and act towards your body. We live in a culture that promotes unrealistic ideals for women and there isn’t a woman on the planet who at times hasn’t struggled with feeling good about her body.

Many women think they have to be a certain weight in order to love the body they’re in, but this isn’t true. As a coach, I’ve met many women who have lost over 100 lbs. and still are unhappy with their bodies. The good news is that changing how you feel about your body isn’t about changing it on the outside but changing how you feel about it on the inside.

Your body is the vehicle you inhabit here on your journey here on Earth. It’s not who you are. Your body is here to serve you. In order for it to serve you well, you must take loving care of it.

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”
~Wayne Dyer

Our bodies go through so many changes in the course of our lives. Each decade of our lives brings new changes and challenges for our body. To expect it to look a certain way or stay the same is simply unrealistic.

Instead of trying to whip it into submission, we need to embrace our body and the stage of life we’re at. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for improvement. It means that you and your body are no longer at war and are now a team in the quest for a healthier life.

You many never love the way your body looks but it’s possible to feel neutral and accepting of it.

This Body Love Challenge provides 7 days of prompts and action steps. You must do the action steps provided in order to experience a shift in how you feel about your body.

I guarantee by the end of the week you will be feeling better about your body!

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