Do You Know Who You Really Are?


Do You Know Who You Really Are?


Enlightenment means waking up to who you really are and then being that.
~ Adyashanti

Enlightenment is the true acceptance of All of yourself.
~ Jennifer Starlight


We come into this world as our authentic selves. We are free of conditioning. Then, as we get older we get conditioned to take on certain societal beliefs, and get programmed to think, act and behave in certain ways. If you have spent years trying to living up to societies’ expectation of who and what you should be, this can leave you very confused about who you really are.

Many of us have a self-image that is body based and since we may be overweight or unhappy with the way we look, we are filled with shame and guilt that we haven’t been able to live up to societies or our own standards of what we feel we should look like.

You are not your body. It’s simply your vehicle here on earth. Over identification with the body is always a losing game. Why? Because the body is impermanent. It changes, ages, gets sick, and eventually dies. Of course, to live a quality life, one should take care of one’s body, but it’s not something to base your identity and self-worth on. It’s not who you really are. You’re so much more than that.

Don’t let others define you. You are so much more than anyone’s opinion of you. Try to remain neutral about praise and criticism. It’s your own opinion and definition of yourself that matters. When you let others’ define you, you give your personal power away.


Accepting Your Body


While you’re here on earth, your task is to learn who you are, own who you are, and live who you are. This is the only way to be truly awake, free, and content in a world that would love to keep you bound and chained by its conventions.

So who are you?

You aren’t who you were last week, last year, or even yesterday. These are only memories of a past self.

The self is fluid, not fixed. You can create yourself anew right now in this present moment.

Who you are isn’t defined by roles, expectations, beliefs, past failures, or even past successes. These are concepts, memories, and ideas, not who you are. Who you are is simply consciousness expressing itself in the human body you are currently inhabiting.




When you can step away from your definitions and expectations, be fully awake in this moment and greet it as is, you are being authentic and free. This is what it means to be your true essential or authentic self. 

You also experience a sense of wholeness when you can accept all of yourself, not just the parts you like. When you can embrace the not so good parts with acceptance and compassion, it brings a sense of peace and completeness.

You’re human, and like everyone else, you’re a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses, darkness, and light. As long as you’re alive, you will be a work in progress, ever growing and ever changing.

Self-acceptance, being present, and authenticity are keys to overcoming overeating. Many people use eating as a way of escaping the pain and drudgery of life. If you want to overcome emotional eating, you have to become willing to fully show up for your life and deal with what life is currently presenting you, instead of avoiding or numbing it by eating. This also means being willing to accept and feel all of your feelings, not just the pleasant ones.

Your feelings are not who you really are. They are simply passing energy states that contain have messages for you. Many people are terrified of their feelings. They are afraid they will be swallowed up by them. Or they have pushed them away for so long, they’re terrified of what will happen when they begin to feel them.






What feelings do you tend to avoid? Why?

When, where, or by whom did you learn that these were to be avoided?

What feelings trigger you to overeat?

What would happen if you became willing to embrace all your feelings?

Can you begin to create some space for difficult feelings, instead of pushing them away?

What if you met your feelings with curiosity and openness, seeing them as containing messages, feedback, and lessons for your life?

How might that change your eating behavior and your life?


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